Wednesday, 28 November 2012

My First On-Screen Telly Credit

Last week I celebrated my first credit on the small screen and I got a tad excited about it. When you work on a film, credits are given out left right and centre to everyone and their parents (my dad will actually be credited for the latest film I worked on for lending me half of the tools from his garden shed) however it's a bit more difficult to get your name featured at the end of a television programme. Due to the time is money issue, the credits have to be very minimal so that schedulers have more time to fit in adverts and viewers don't get bored and switch over to a different channel. They can't credit every single person who has ever worked on a show just because it would take forever. This means that the people at the bottom rung of the ladder rarely get credited, especially if you're only working on a show for a couple of days. 

So there I was, settling myself down to marvel at my amazing tea bag sewing skills on last weeks episode of Heston's Fantastical Foods and to reminisce about how yummy those giant biscuits were, fully expecting that to be the extent of the excitement for the evening. I was not expecting my name to be in the credits and I wasn't even looking out for it but luckily the flatmate was keeping a beady eye out and spotted my very own name scrolling up the screen. Due to the wonders of modern technology we rewound it and paused it to marvel at the two little words: Fiona McLean suspended in mid air and to take photos. It was a highly exciting moment of my life, so much so that I set up a timeline event on Facebook in its honour, went on about it quite a bit on Twitter and told everybody I knew (sorry guys) and just to milk it that tiny bit more you've just been reading a blog post about it....after all, it's not every day you get your first television credit and I want to savour this moment before I get blasé about my many TV credits in the hopeful future.